Monday, November 24, 2008

Well the fact that last week is over is a relief from the stats perspective. We all have weeks to forget but even in this recent down turn we ended on a upswing. You know we increased our Picks and Horses Worth A Look to 10 a day, yes TEN a day in anticipation of the phone line that will offer 10 a day to those wishing to pay only when they play or those who make more last minute decisions. Of course the regular subscriber's that signed up for 12 months of selections are also going to get the expanded offerings in their nightly emails. The phone number and details will be an added page on the web site next month and also featured in the print ad running in the DRF. You know I am running high % but this week of could'a, should'a, would'a's I hope is a rarity. We had winners to start off the week and then slipped to over a dozen seconds but crunched Sunday with SIX winners out of the ten selections. Our win average has dropped to 30% still respectable and this week we hit the board nearly 50% so we live to play another day. I did have some pressure on selections as it was requested to single out Hawthorne where a number of members were in the contest and this can be a factor but all in all losing to $60 horses will happen to the best of us and we seem to be getting as hot as the weather is at Calder and with their entries. So get on board as soon as your ready for year round action daily or the day of your choice. As always email me for a sample try I know you'll like what you see.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekly update and the rain has been a factor, an educated guess the day prior when we email out but never the less we have improved the stats and the winners keeping rolling in from a host of tracks. So wether you a weather warrior or home dry and on line here's a brief recap.
Our PICKS of which 20 made it to the starting gate did well. We had 8 winners, 4 seconds and 2 thirds for a hitting the board stat of 70% and winners for 40%. In the HORSES WORTH A LOOK selections we again started 20 and had 65% hit the board and 30% winners this make up was 6 winners, 4 seconds and 1 third. I again believe I provide the action in a host of venues for excitement year round. Feature tracks for winning horses were Meadowlands, Aqueduct, Laurel, Churchill, and Calder. Prices ranged from $4.20 to $12.40 and averaged over $6.60 per in the PICK's and WORTH A Look showcased Calder, Philadelphia, Aqueduct, Churchill and Meadowlands. Prices ranged here from $4.20 to $12.40 as well but inched up the average to $6.95 per ticket.
You should note that we have increased the selections offered to TEN a day with the exception of Monday which for the time being will be dark. The purpose of the larger offering will be duely explained at the end of this month.
Keep compairing I stand firm on the offerings and as always follow my own selections on line or in line.

Monday, November 10, 2008

We'll one week into November and the stats are good and getting better. I have shifted some of my handicapping focus to Calder as requested by some subscribers and find a North/South interest not unusual for this time of the year.
Twenty Picks were emailed out from 11/1 to 11/9 and we hit the board 60% of the time.
These horses of note came from a variety of tracks and spread themselves over the week as well.
AQUEDUCT 11/2 Cordilleran Ice $ 19.80 MEADOW LANDS 11/6 Toy Soldier $ 4.80 and CHURCHILL DOWNS 11/8 Acoma $ 7.20
The week also provide some solid 2nds 11/1 $4.40 11/3 $2.40 and $5.40 11/6 $2.90 and $3.20 11/8 $6.90 and 11/9 $6.40. These combined with two 3rds of $2.80 and $3.00 on 11/4.
I have visited many of my peers and it seems that along with keeping your site timely, you need to be informative on you selections. Long range followers will be ahead of the game for sure. Remember I stand behind my selections in line and one line !

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well, the dirt has finally settled or the all weather look alike, and the debate will rage on about Horse of the year. The Track Maitre D falls into that category with so many that let his heart take charge and put Curlin on top of several wagering combinations only to realize it was Cigar all over again.

No one is perfect and as we try to make racing safer we need to know the playing field is not level and horses train and race on different surfaces through out the world and past performance, IT DOES MATTER.

We watch daily as trainers move their horses off turf to dirt or visa versa and let them try different distances while always adding it in our handicapping stats but when we see that probable super star we lift the veil of common sense we think it doesn't factor in and we are wrong.

I watched Curlin race at the Woodward, as you know and his beauty overshadowed my choice for just enough time to allow the decision made a poor one.

A lesson learned I hope!