Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Impute is very important to anyone who is listening and I am......Thanks to Richard on the West Coast for reminding me that you need to know the stats and everyone uses what is given to them to fine tune their own systems and enhance their own betting likes and avoid the dislikes. We don't always toot our own horn but facts are facts and need to be shared on occasion.
Just ran the numbers for last week-end and here they are:Friday, full card, 23 ran with 9 hits with 3 winners. Selections, 10 ran with 7 hits and 5 winners. Saturday, full card 29 ran with 15 hits with 2 winners. Selections, 8 ran with 5 hits and 4 winners. Sunday, full card 27 ran with 13 hits and 2 winners. Selections, 9 ran with 6 hits and 1 winner. Over 45% hit the board on the full cards and nearly 40% winners on the Selections. No spin just the numbers. Come on and join us.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The weeks fly by and we learn new things with each passing. No not only do we fine tune the Santa Anita portion of our selections which has been enhanced by a solid follower of that track, Frank but also by the recent visit of "Boomer" who took the task of joining the west coast group and seeing first hand how our selections fared and gleamed what he could to strengthen our connections in California. Also revamped the full card feature to list not only the top three selections in each race, but by name and number, seems this insures callers and subscribers more accurate picks as the numbers can and do change. More work, NO Way, just more information to nail the winner and grab a few exacta's etc for you to enjoy. Stay tuned for more facts and success at this year round handicapping site.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why can I have two Saturdays in every week, they have been very strong. On 2/7 we had four winners at Gulfstream, our featured card, for $5.60 in first, $7.20 in the fifth, $16.00 in the ninth and $19.80 in the tenth. This was on the same selections email or phone line that drove home four out of five at Aqueduct, the first for $16.40, the third for $3.20, the fourth for $5.00, and the fifth for $5.50 AGAIN ALL ON ONE DAY. If your waiting for more get on line or on the line so you can share in this success. I never question the pay outs for a winner is a winner.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

No sooner do I send out the February newsletter "The Stretch Call" to my subscribers one topic comes face to face with success, Maidens. Yes and the news is good. I wrote that I had to wait till we had a system, stats and some race handicapping to add these races to the fold and that was key to offering the full featured card on the email to members and on the 800-305-8836 line for the pay by the day players. On Wednesday at Gulfstream, the featured track we hit three maiden races the third for $5.20, the fifth for $6.00 and the sixth for $6.80. This brings the whole package of Top Ten Selections and Full Featured Card to an all around winning combination. As usual, this action is year round as promised. Call or sign up soon.