Monday, July 27, 2009

Here we go and tomorrow the first card of the Saratoga meet is on the table for handicapping Wednesdays races at The Spa for another year of excitement and to be sure lots of winners. As we noted in the newsletter we will feature stats each week in this Blog and coming off 82% hitting the board we followed up with 70% so the run is on and even with the competition at its highest we feel confident we will continue the surge into Saratoga. I have to skip Sundays card, sadly but that is a travel day to get us to our August home and the temptation is great for a side stop at Monmouth to see that big girl run but we will breeze by and catch the rerun on TV at Siro's perhaps. I don't know if this horse makes it but it's worth mentioning, Devonshire in the 7th, just as my pulse is racing the emails and calls from my connections are lighting up with input about who they see surprising the pundits and want me to have that inside track. Of course you know if you've laid your money on the line by phone or email their are many components that go into what I give back in Selections but just the same check out the first connection selection with me. Come on for your winners, every week all year long with The Track Maitre D.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The clock is ticking and its just over two weeks before I get to Saratoga for four weeks of racing, I cannot wait. Had a pretty good last week and this one is starting off good as well so I may make a bit of nice picks up at the Spa hope you on board for some of them. Taking the whole staff as usual we all seem to work as if we were back here at the ranch and still get to the paddock early every day we're there. I do take off Monday and of course Tuesday is dark but twenty days will fly by way too fast. I saw a great special on HGTV today on Evening Attire and he is boarded In New York, that would be a great side trip. Stay tuned and call in you missing out on CASH in your pocket and of course thanks for the nice comments from S. E. in D. C. we do give you a taste of the action to be sure, just to wet you interest and they are the real Selections, what else would you expect from The Track Maitre D. I'm here for you every week all year long!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yes I have been lazy with not keeping you informed and yet I'm always trying to get the percentage up and slowly its working, of course if your on line or on the phone line you know that. The racing is unreal, combine the great ladies and the weather that won't quit I have been tearing out my hair and you know that's dangerous. If I read my words at time I feel I'm not making sense then I hear the din from the announcers covering the races and get a quote that says " these horses were bred to win" really do you think some are bred to lose? Oh well we all have days and yet the payouts keep us on track to play again and like the support of my emails you know we are getting bad luck like Sunday with two scratches and two injuries and two off the turf you just put it aside and focus forward. Like put on the blinkers, stay the course and ride it out with The Track Maitre D and you will end up a winner!