Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's raining out there as if you didn't notice and that makes it hard on me as well as anyone who hates the scratches and small fields with one MTO horse after another breaking my back. Oh well when in Rome, you know...shift to the impulse and if it seems weak then settle for a smaller pay day and move on, the weather has to improve and we can win it out. I am not happy about the shift from Breeders "win and you in " from my beloved Saratoga but the loss is for the TV public for I will be there and the quality will be there and the lucky picks from The Track Maitre D will certainly be there. Oh about the weather two things, rain rain go away for August and until then take yesterdays Selections two scratches, two winners, five places and seven show tickets, yes Little D is right and cash those seven babies she did, not the only one who plays them all am I.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

June and things are happening.........we continue to see success at the right percentage with the Top Ten Selections, yes the scratches are high but the weather is bad and good horses like good handicappers step back to go another day. Still the winners come in every day and we are on the board more than our fair share. BUT the big news this week is our link to betting in the UK and in fact around the world is on our home page. Yes the link exchange between The Track Maitre D and betters across the pond is live and not only can you grab onto what is offered over there we now have a toll free line in the UK for handicappers in the UNITED KINGDOM to get on board with what The Track Maitre D is offering state side. You knew when TVG made the move that international interest would rise on a constant basis and the Track Maitre D is riding with the flow. So keep calling for play by the day Wednesday through Sunday or on line for 12 months continuous service, be you from Louisville or London, ALL YEAR LONG.