Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well it's back to what I do best and the Top Ten Selections rule! We found the top three in each race at one track was redundant to the player since this feature has been a fixture in the DRF for as long as ever and I needed to present a clearer picture of what I do and this way the percentages are yours to judge. Yesterday back to those basics grabbed three winners, $8.60, $9.80 and $4.20 plus three others on the board showing a nice return on the Top Ten.
Some big news to come out with next months newsletter, hope you getting it, most find it a in your face update of some thoughts on handicapping with a sense of direction where The Track Maitre D is headed in this industry and why you should be on board be it on line for the 12 months offer or playing by the day. No pie in the sky as we stated before just basic winning selections more often than anyone and ALL YEAR LONG.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Where does the time go, can't believe the Preakness is gone, yes had the winner and the exacta but still hovering lower than normal on stats, more in the 40% range but still cashing tickets and making money. Thanks for the input about the full card we are agreeing with the responders and returning to the Top Ten format North to South and Coast to Coast at the end of this month. You will still see many selections from the New York tracks but not the top three in each race. I ran with some exactas and got good coverage with the card but prefer to crack the top ten for real results. Interestingly enough one of yesterdays picks was nosed out for a $20 winner that was my second choice. Just last week the Sunday phone gang also hit a large one that seemed to make the day by what you emailed me. Stay with it, the excitement builds and this sport is alive and growing look at the TV audience on Sat or the excitement about the return of Hialeah we need say no more. With The Track Maitre D your always at the post for winners week after week all year long!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well they say do what you do well and the rest is history. Pushed to spend more time on reporting stats than I wanted to has indeed produced an interesting scenario as follows.......When you look at the Top Ten Selections vs the full card the numbers knock you over. Yes my numbers rival others for the top three in each race at any track but that's not what got me going down this road and hoping for some feedback and if received I may go back to day one and offer only my Top Ten Selections. Those stats for last week had me in at over 30% winners and over 60% hitting the board, I made money your had too! Wed I was in with 6 winners and 3 other on the board out of 10 picks, and looks like the trend continues as yesterday I again had 6 winners and 3 others on the board out of 9..........stay tuned.